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Buying the right bike gear for my trip

Guest post written by Gary Blake

Even though I've been riding my motorcycle for a few years now, the stuff that I wear while I ride isn't necessarily the kind of stuff that they sell for bikers to wear. I normally just wear jeans and my leather jacket that I honestly had before I got a motorcycle. But, I think it's about time that I actually buy some motorcycle gear that's meant for different kinds of weather. I've put it off for way too long.

I went online to get a good idea of what kind of gear I should buy before I actually started shopping. I didn't want to get overwhelmed by all of the options. Plus, I don't want to end up buying way too much too. While I was online, I ran across some information about wildbluedeals.com/ and after I looked through it a little bit, I decided to sign up for one of those for my home internet service.

I found some gear that is supposed to be good for rainy weather. I got a top that has a hood that goes up under your motorcycle helmet so that the rain doesn't go up under it.