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Love my Toyota

Recently one of the check engine lights came on, but not sure how serious it is because it is for one of the lights. I checked all the lights and so far none of them seem to have any problems. I was thinking that maybe it was a fuse.

San Diego auto repair is said to have great service. Since I live in Hawaii, a lot of merchants are shared via word of mouth and I believe that I have found a pretty good auto shop to check out via some friends and family members.

Growing up I wanted to own a truck. I think that Ford F-150
 look pretty bad a$$, but not sure if I would like to have one or not. I love my Toyota and the freedom it gives me. It is fabulous to be able to go wherever I please, whenever I want. I hope that it loves me back for a very, very long time. I will give as much into it, as it gives to me. So thank you, thank you darling Toyota. When it is time for it, I will be sure to find info out on any repairs it may need by going here.