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Online Shopping: Become.com

Ok, I just discovered a website that makes online shopping so much fun. At become.com you can shop, view different price ranges and even get information about the product such as reviews and stats. I was having so much fun "shopping" because it lists not only the item you are looking for but similar ones too. It is way better than just going to one specific companies website and searching.

As some of you know, I am totally into online browsing for things I would like to purchase for my future home. I was looking through this website and found all these cool kitchen ranges along with different household items such as freezers and cool stuff like that. I really want to have a super modern kitchen with subzero with either silver or black appliances. I want to have a HUGE kitchen with a fabulous seating area so friends and family can come over for different events and we can all cook, laugh and enjoy being together.

I guess being a dreamer about buying my first home has got me super excited because I am really wanting to go make a vision board specifically for my house! Oh yeah... I also want to have one of the badarse grills I found on there so I can have wonderful BBQ's... of course I need to get a hubby so he can do all that... I will make the drinks and snacks!